Mandela Gals

Mandela GalsΣάββατο 22 Μαρτίου στις 12.00


Music and dance play an important role in African societies. In fact, it is an integral part of their daily lives. People dance, sing and play music at birth, adulthood, weddings, harvest, even in death. The show «A SHORT WALK THROUGH AFRICA» is a musical wandering from the West to South Africa, narrating the beauty and dreams of its people. The group Mandela Gals and Ubuntu Drum and Dance Group will accompany us through the sounds of percussions, dance and song in this magical journey, in this wandering to the countries and peoples of Africa.

A few words about the participating bands :
The Mandela Gals is a female dance troupe from South Africa.
Attended by: Zandile Ngubane, Mable Mosana, Click Ngwere, Nana Kaba and Dauda Conteh, as a special guest.

The Ubuntu Drum and Dance Group (Ubuntu means humanity in Zulu ) is a music and dance group consisting of people from different African countries (Sierra Leone, South Africa, Guinea, Mali ) and from Greece.
Attended by: Nana Kaba, Zandile Ngubane, Dauda Conteh, Katerina Karatzis and Orestis Popotas .

The Troupe Emma Ya is also participating.
Narrator : Ioanna Asimakopoulou

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