Outcome of the 1st Αntifascist Festival of Performing Arts

Outcome of the 1st Αntifascist Festival of Performing Arts | 13 – 23 March 2014
45 Performances / 25 Live Concerts / 6 Discussions/ 1 Protest March!


We would like to thank the approximately 200 artists who presented their work, the 40 cultural activists that managed to accomplish this enormous production of the festival and the more than 10,000 people who participated in this great celebration of freedom.

A big part of the artistic world proved in practice that they perceive themselves as being able to have a leading role in the evolving social initiatives to curb the racist and fascist threat and proved with their availability that they are ready to serve (without the conventional direct or indirect benefits) a targeted kinematics anti-fascist initiative. The overcrowded theater spaces and the ritualistic moods created at the Embros theatre were a product of the collective anti-fascist conscience, marked and carried on throughout all the days and hours of the festival.

By it’s non-hierarchical and self-organized structure, open participatory formulation of the program and the selfless participation and contribution of all the participants, the Antifascist Festival of Performing Arts managed to produce a cultural, political and social project with a vast constituency, to unite and give courage to all those who struggle for equality, justice, dignity, against the regimented culture of commercialization and exclusion. The occupation-squat of the Free Self-Managed Theater Embros in the centre of Athens, already having these characteristics, was the perfect venue for this first meeting. We hope and strive to create many other similar actions in neighborhoods, schools, public spaces, in centers of social injustice and inequality, but also in other cities too by strengthening the antifascist struggle with imagination, meaning, culture, passion for freedom and shared responsibility. We owe it to ourselves to continue to translate the performing arts into tools of liberation from the dominant status of enforcement, of apathy and self-induced slavery, creating artistic contents accessible to everyone. So it is important to continue this initiative through it’s open assembly and to broaden it with new participations.

The death by drowning of twelve Afghan refugees near Pharmakonisi , with the ultimate – but silenced in every possible way – State” fortress ” responsibility ,the assassination of Shahzad Louqman by members of the Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn (GD) Neo-Nazi party the year 2013 at the area of Petralona , and the wounding of protester Gabriel A. from the suppression forces that cost him partial vision loss in the anti-fascist march in the area of Keratsini the next day of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by members of the Golden Dawn, are only a few examples of the racist and state violence which prove the undisturbed and legitimized onslaught of the fascist threat. For us these facts create a need for shared responsibility to contribute morally and materially to the following causes: the transportation of the Afghan refugees’ bodies to their homeland, paying part of the cost for representation in the civil action in the case of Shahzad Louqman. Finally, without any compassionate mood, we need to strengthen the recovery effort of the injured, by riot police, anti- fascist protester Gabriel.

All of the above were made possible by the massive turnout of people at the squatted Embros- theater during the festival and supported with their participation and contribution, the conduct of this festival and the continuation of anti-fascist initiative of performing arts, as well as continuing the operation of the Embros- theater, a squat of artistic, social and political resistance. Above all, however, they supported the anti-fascist struggle with their participation and contribution.

The constant attacks on immigrants, refugees, the concentration camps, the repression in the streets and neighborhoods of the city and the socio-political automation which marginalize and outcast disabled, LGBT and people like us living next door, find us all collectively opposed.
The Antifascist Initiative of Performing Arts, independent of any institution and autonomous in its operating procedures, is aiming to increase activation and practical support of any and all social groups experiencing any kind of exclusion and prejudice, distinct behaviors, stigmatization and any other consequences of racist and fascist practices.

The outcome of the first antifascist festival arms us with the enthusiasm to continue and to send out an open call for participation to everyone, to help shape the next actions.

It does not end here. We move forward together, wishing us all continuity!
Fascism does not dance, has no colours, and cannot sing. These are our weapons!

Antifascist Initiative of Performing Arts
April 2014