EVENTS 12-22/05/16


12:00-14:00 Workshop on shared reading, aiming to trace the elements of contemporary cultural identities and to create an open narrative of the self. Run by Christiana Mygdali.

18:30-20:00 Play «Human Zoos: The Interview»  directed by Nelli Poulopoulou. Theater Company: Quilombola

20:00-20:30 Screening of the short film ‘Exit’, directed by Lilian Kallisti (foyer).

20:30-22:00 Play «Theofilos Tsafos’s Apology» by Nikos Koundouros, directed by Vasilis Kyriakou .

22:15-23:00 Στέκι Ορίζοντας Γεγονότων: Screening of the movie ‘The bastard’, Tynesia [28′] | Poets read poetry [Jimis, Μ-Didi, KH et al.]

23.00 Live Afro Cargo, Night  Shift, Aera Patera.


16:00-18:00 Discussion «Holocaust and Education», Παιδαγωγική ομάδα «Το Σκασιαρχείο».
Aspects of teaching the Holocaust as an experienced historical trauma and its perception. Talks by: Evi Manopoulou, Babis Baltas, Rania Kalantzi.
Book Presentation «Block 25» by Karolina Gavriilidi, survivor of Ausscwitz (ed. by Lefteris Xanthopoulos, Athens: Gavriilidis, 2006)
Poetry Reading from Chrisstos Chanakas’s collection «The Third Reich Forbidden»  (Athens: Futura, 2014) by the author and radio producer Christos Chanakas.

18:30-19:45  Theater of the Repressed- Theater Forum: Attempts of fascism to prevail in  the public sphere and what we can do to stop this.

20:00-21:00 Play  ‘Refuseniks, a happening. Not an hour in the army, directed by Iris Boukari.

21:15-22:30 Play «Rachel Corrie» by Alan Rickman and Katerina Viner,  directed by Mania Papadimitriou.

23:00 Live Invalta, Petros Saridakis, Epitychomania – Soulis Liakos, Greeklish Babylon, Nikos Ziogalas.



12:00-14:00 Workshop ‘Cultural Identities and Narrative of the Self’ Workshop on shared reading, aiming to trace the elements of contemporary cultural identities and to create an open narrative of the self. Run by Christiana Mygdali.

16:00-18:30 Workshop ‘Give me your hand’. Workshop on freedom of  expression and creative communication Animator: Chara Alexaki

19:00-20:15 Play «Years of the rabbits, a multimedia under(the)ground opera», Theater Company:Home Brown Bunnies Team

20:30-21:30 Audiovisual Art & Performance UMBRA project

21:45-22:45 Play  «Eulogy» by Iakovos Kanbanellis, directed by Tatiana Skanatovits.

23:00 Live  Pareidolia, Al tribe, αγόριαstonilio



18:30-19:15 Play  «Refugees», Group by Senegal ‘Don’t teach your kid how to be rich, teach your kid how to be happy’.

19:30-20:30 Muppet Show «The lake escaped», Muppet Theater Company Karambola.

20.45-22:00 Play «Jack or The Submission», by Eugene Ionesco, directed by Vasilis Oikonomou, theater company ΘΕ.ΑΜ.Α

22:30 Spectacle Tribal caravan «Gypsies in madness land»: Live music show – Mighty Mezz| Theatrical circus and dance show | Live: , Muchatrela band | Los Dos o Mas | Largo



12:00-14:00 Workshop ‘Cultural Identities and Narrative of the Self’ Workshop on shared reading, aiming to trace the elements of contemporary cultural identities and to create an open narrative of the self. Run by Christiana Mygdali.

18:00-18:30 Play «Freedom of movement movement of freedom», written and directed by Dimitra Mitsaki.

18:45-19:15 Play «S.O.S». Written and directed by Eleutheria Vlachou

19:30-20:45 Play «Fly» by Stella Zafiropoulou, directed by Pepi Moschovakou

21:15-23:15 Play «Coriolanus» by William Shakespeare, theater company Spirto

23:30 Live Antifa HIP HOP Unity:  Barayanka | Vevilos| Monkey Man Cdj Reeko | Dj Differ



12:00-13:30  Play for children «Shadowcooking», An interactive  shadow play, Theater Company of Ilias Karellas

14:00-16:00 Workshop  «Theater and cinema as tools for antifascist and antiracist  activities at school» Presentation of the material used for this year’s  school play «Who is Dr Korkzak ;» by David Greig (a production of Porta Theater company, 2015). Run by Fotini Papariga and Babis Baltas.

Screening of short films for a young audience that took part in the recent festival organized by «Camera Zizanio», introduced by Nikos Theodosiou, director and art director of Camera Zizanio.

16:00-19:00 Human Library: Books representing discriminated social groups whose members experience various forms of racism. Readings and discussion.

19:30-20:00 Play «Penelopes», directed by Aohroditi Mitsopoulou

20:15-21:45 Play «The game of Krauzer», directed by Christos Thanos. Theater Company Emeis

22:00-24:00 Multimedia poetry happening «Words armed against fascism», Void Optical Art Laboratory POETRY: Sissi Doutsiou | Giannis Raouzeos | Tassos Sarris+Whodoes | Katerina Zissaki | Popti Delta | Ioanna Gaitanarou | Marivi Tselepi | MattaBee | FrantzeskaAverbach. SOUND DESIGN: d.j. Crystal Zero VIDEO ART: Void Optical Art Laboratory

24:00 Sound System Antifa DUB Unity: Mrs Hcn & Ctn | Stray Dog & Rootsman | Brother Magdi & Brother Mike | Selector Piranhas & Donnie Dub | Didi Kaleya & Dj Liahn | Marios Ntavelis Fundracar Vs War | Mentira Witch Project (Live) | Natural Reaction Sound System Feat Junior X & Black Athena | Dj Booker & Sick Booze | Rollit & Selector Nesta | Sub&Dub Collective – Spiris & Sotokkan | Sub&Dub Collective – Insp-I-ration Sound System | Basik 1 | Zoro & Buzz. ON THE MIC: Mc Yinka | Mc Bredda Ahmed Ali | Felipe | Lasha | Astronatty  (Organised by VOID NETWORK. Visual Art: Void Optical Art Lab)

Parallel Activities
12:00-14:00 Guided Tour at the Museums of Political Exiles of Makronisos and Ai Stratis.
18:00-22:00 Checkpoint Thetiki Foni (Center for HIV prevention). Get a free test for HIV, anonymous and fast by Σύλλογο Οροθετικών Ελλάδας Θετική Φωνή



14:30-15:30 Workshop «everybody equal, everybody uniquely different» A theater workshop for children over 7 years old, Theater compnay Selida231 Page 231

16:00-19:00 Discussion «Art and social movements» 

Art and Revolution: From cultural industry and state art  to anticulture and cultural activismTalk by Tassos Sagris  Τάσος Σαγρής (Void Optical Art Laboratory), director .

Art and Censorship: The exemple «Nash Equilibrium».
Talk by Pigi Dimitrakopoulou, director .
Coiling reflexives within the artistic community and the day after. Using Sfendoni as a case study.
Talk by Argiris Xafis, actor .

Art and Exclusion: PD 370 or how art reproduces ruling examples and leads to exclusion.
Talks by Andreas Kouzelis (author-sociologist),  Panos Zournatzidis (actor).

Art and Self Management: The venture of Embros Theater and the attempt to suppress it.
Talk by Tatiana Skanatovits, Actress

The venture of the Antifascist Festival of Performative Arts. Talk by Vasilis Koukalani Actor.

This event is oordinated by Dina Stamatopoulou.

19:00-20:15 Playback theater A non- directed co-play, the script of which will be based on testimonies offered by the spectators. Theater Company Playback Ground.

20:30-21:00 Play «Dagas’s Defence of the Cripple» directed by Thodoris Tsapakidis.

21:30-23:00 Play «The Trial of the Donkey’s Shadow» by Friedrich Durremmatt, directed by Kostas Kazanas and Sofia Panailidou.

23:30 Live Rigas Skepetaris, The Sexy Christians, RadioSol.

Parallel Activity

17:00-19:00 Public Reading (In the Sauare of Agioi Anargyroi, in front of the theater).
A reading of texts produced by the members of the workshop Cultural Identities and Narrative of the Self’

During the festival, in the theater foyer there will be screenings of pictures depicting aspects of immigration.  Photographers: Dimitris Geronikos, Marios Lolos, Stelios Matsagos, Myrto Papadopoulou and Kostas Tsironis.